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Changing jobs in the current market

I would like to ask the community here for advice. I accepted an offer early this quarter, however since then a lot has changed. Would it be wise to take the offer to join in the new company which has also seen restructuring in last week or stick to my current workplace until things settle down ( my current company has also seen restructuring at the start third quarter). 

I am trying to make a decision considering the fact that i am on work visa

New Company: The company (B2B2C) has been profitable and in pre IPO scenario, from discussion they have not hired a lot of people, and the team is high performing, although when i spoke last I was told they will might grow slower than they wanted, have seen a dip in revenue

Current Company: The company (SaaS) is series C still on path of making it even (no profits), recently pivoted their product focus and has seen restructuring to quite an extent. Although I have been here for a while hence might have some security but only just to an extent.

Current role: ML Engineer 

Work at: Series C startup 



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I don’t see how anyone can answer this without you mentioning which company you work for. At least the domain?
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I have tried provide as much context as possible now.



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