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Accepting future offers

I have an offer from a company I worked for before. I asked for two weeks before I give them an offer and in the absence of anything else, I've had to say yes. The position starts in February which is when I'm available to start working. I don't want to stop looking for something better (its an SE2 @ 115k, I've 4 years of experience). I expect that in a better economy I could've got something better with my experience and education, but I feel trapped now. If I were to land a better role sometime before February, how bad would it look if I bowed out of this? Is this something people do?

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I think it’s fine to back out provided you do it respectfully. There’s a big difference between “I found a better offer, sorry” and “I found an opportunity that is better for my career and salary expectations and ambitions.”

Verbiage and wording is important. Technically you don’t owe them anything more than a no, but I’m always a fan of keeping bridges as intact as possible



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