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a year ago

Breaking into tech with a Psych degree


I'm trying to become UX designer and I'm honestly not sure if I should sign up for bootcamps or not , because I tried google course and felt like there wasn't much to it. What do you think is the best way to go about taking the first steps and land a job?

xartredProduct Designer a year ago
I assume you already know half of the theory applied in UX because of your degree.

So, you must learn and practice the rest (color theory, typography, UI best practices, etc.).

I suggest you look at Udemy/Coursera courses about visual design, interface components, and human-2-computer interaction best practices. Like Joe Natoli’s courses or something. And read a few books like Design of Everyday Things.

Also, you can practice your UX skills on DailyUI challenges. Don’t get me wrong, but you have to know how to design the UI at the basic level.

Attending boot camp later would allow you to polish skills you’ve already practiced and save money.
forg1tfulkoalaa year ago
Thank you for the info! thats actually really eye-opening because I've only been watching UX youtube videos and wasn't sure how to start a project.