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Summer 2023 internship rescinded (Advice)

Pretty much what the title says need some advice in how to pivot with this new development, some details:

Rescinded offer: Quant trading @ US firm

Currently going into final year studying math/cs. Planning to get some research exp this summer and do some courses. Have a few past internships w/ relevant experience. (Based in Canada) Preference is to lateral to US

Career goal: Quantitative Trading or SWE Concentrating in ML/AI or anything related to math/stats 

Options are A: pursue a masters degree (likely in the US paying out of state tuition not international fees) to allow for a 2nd chance at an internship & further increase knowledge and doing research which is appealing but also possibly expensive

B: pursue FT work and try to get a new grad role

C: take a semester/year off or aim for off-cycle and try to get an internship that i can convert to full time 

Options are listed in personal preference but would like some perspective from more experienced individuals, what would you do in my shoes and why? 
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olofrafData Scientist  
I would study for GRE for masters while trying to get FT job. Use masters as backup plan if you can’t get a good job.