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Computer Science a month ago

SWE Self-taught Path

I am currently into a self-learning path for a software engineering (precisely Frontend Development). I got worried if possible I can get internship via this path into any companies. If so, I would be interested in knowing those companies and the actual skillsets needed to be able to fit into those companies. 
bmdSoftware Engineer a month ago
For most established companies, there are usually strict requirements to be considered for internships or entry-level positions, including pursuing a relevant degree, expected graduation date, or GPA. If you do not meet these basic requirements, I doubt most tech companies will pass you through the interview process at all.

It may be more advantageous to pursue startup opportunities to get relevant experience, from which companies will consider that equivalent to having a Bachelors experience.

The takeaway is that the funding for internships / entry-level positions at companies is limited and controlled by bureaucracy. Companies are taking a gamble on these positions in hopes that you’ll matriculate into a high-performing employee for them.