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17 Software Engineer Jokes 😂 To Tell Your Co-workers and Friends

Here’s a software engineer joke:

Why are programmers pushovers?

They’re always making exceptions.

Here’s another:

A freshman is working on a programming assignment and is talking with a friend who’s a sophomore.

Freshman: Hey, do you know how to split up a CSV file into X number of files in Python?

Sophomore: You ask me a lot of questions, which is good especially as a passionate freshman. Although, a good programmer is good at googling. Try asking on StackOverflow.

Freshman: Never heard of that, I’ll use StackOverflow from now on.

The freshman’s first semester ends.

Sophomore: Hey, what’s up? Was StackOverflow helpful?

Freshman: Oh, I switched out of computer science.

I'm curious if you understood the second joke 👀. It’s subtle so I expect most people to miss it. The article I wrote explains it, in case you missed it.

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Just a moment...
xcbyiNUb3Computer Science a year ago
Some of these would be so much better as memes. Something about reading a joke steals the punch
xcbyiNUb3Computer Science a year ago
The riddles were good!