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Data Analystย 2 years ago

Breaking into Data Analytics

Hey guys! So I graduated with my masters in Health Informatics last year and I have been heavily investing my time in finding data analyst positions but havent had any luck. I have 17+ years clinical health experience, very computer/software literate, intermediate SQL knowlegde, intermediate Excel, and Tableau/Power BI exprirence. If anyone out there has any pointers on landing these jobs for a first timer I would appreciate it!ย 
qdddSoftware Engineerย atย Spotify2 years ago
Become a sql expert, especially the nuances of distributed sql. A bit of Python (or Java, or C#, whatever really) wouldn't hurt either. Learn about map reduce, and basic data pipeline architecture, and maybe a bit of ML, at a conceptual level only (tech always changes). The best data is at companies that expect a balance of domain, data, and technical expertise.