rustradย inย ย 
Software Engineerย a year ago

More detailed filters of levels salary info

Maybe I'm missing something, but is there a way to filter levels distribution data more? Right now, when I select "by title" I see the distribution graph at the top for the whole title. I see I can change the location but not any other aspects. Below, in the table view of specific salaries, I can filter by other things like YOE, time submitted, gender, work arrangement. Can these filter be applied to the distribution? Would be very helpful to see, for example, all ML engineer with 4-6 YOE, in Seattle region, that are remote or hybrid, and submitted in the last 6 months or so. That would give a better understanding of current offers for that role. Right now I can kinda get a feel for it by scrolling through the table but would be nice to see a distribution, median, percentiles, etc. Other helpful filters, if possible, would be company size, and industry. Things are pretty different in big tech vs startups and consumer vs fintech vs healthcare, etc. Thanks!
zuhayeerFounderย atย Levels.fyia year ago
Thanks for the feedback! Planning to work this. Would definitely be useful to have dynamic visualizations that update with your filter criteria.