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Did you know the Spotify wrapped story format came from an intern back in 2020?

I just read an article about how the story format came from an intern and had no idea. I love it when it comes out every year because before that I'm pretty sure it was just an email summary.

Note to interns: Corporations own your work, the same goes for grad students in capstone. Even though you likely won't get credit for it corporate side, you should always keep a record for yourself and use it to market your skills and expertise!


Ham kept silent when it was first unveiled in 2019. "But this year, I feel like now that it's gained some traction, it's not as brand new, it's so much more popular. I have seen so many memes about, Oh, how did you know I listened to so-and-so? Or I've seen so many people posting theirs, using them as horoscopes almost. It's crazy. That simply was not there before."

When we reached out to Spotify for comment, the company denied that this was accurate. "Spotify is proud to provide young talent from all backgrounds with the opportunity to create, contribute, and learn alongside some of the best teams in the business," a spokesperson told Refinery29. "Since Spotify’s Wrapped concept was first introduced in 2013, hundreds of employees have contributed ideas and creative concepts that have made the experience what it is today. While ideas generated during Spotify’s internship program have on occasion informed campaigns and products, based on our internal review, that is not the case here with Spotify Wrapped. It’s unfortunate that things have been characterized otherwise.”


The Intern Who Created Spotify Wrapped’s Story Format Never Got Her Due

The Intern Who Created Spotify Wrapped’s Story Format Never Got Her Due

Meet artist Jewel Ham, who designed the Spotify Wrapped social format that we're all addicted to as an intern — and like so many other interns, she never truly got her due.
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Lol, whats funny you mention capstone because in grad school, we worked with some big companies to produce ad campaigns and they had us all sign NDAs and they said they owned all of our work. Those PMs and PMMs and Marketing ppl take "inspiration" from some of the brightest kids in the country every year and then cast us aside. It's crazy. Good she's getting the credit and has the PROOF to show for it. As they say, SAVE YOUR WORK!