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ML career in Germany?

Hi everyone, regarding me: I did my bachelors degree in CS and a Ms in applied mathematics. I focused on ML in my MS. The question I have is, if it's worth going into ML in my professional career and if so, a Phd would be beneficial. I want to stay in Europe, so I don't know if the market for this position exists, if we take into account the current layoffs. 
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If you want to work as an ML engineer, find a software engineering job that's as close to ML as possible (might be a regular SE job but the company does some ML as well and works with lots of data). This will boost your career significantly more than a PhD in ML would.

If you want to work in ML research (either academic or corporate), then get a PhD. But know that here, the number of of relevant positions is very low, and the competition is EXTREME. Most corporate positions seem to be in London or maybe Paris. Germany has good academic options as well but they are still insanely competitive.