bigdog in  
Product Manager a year ago

Referrals while in Google team matching

I recently passed the PM interview at Google and I am now in the team matching stage. My recruiter informed me that due to the holidays it will likely take until mid January before I can start. I wanted to take advantage of my time and get some more offers. Mainly looking at big tech/late stage startups. Would love referrals at doordash, figma, snap, microsoft and cruise! 

I was an early stage founder before now and fortunate to work on some cool products, happy to share my resume if you want to learn about my background first. I appreciate anyone's help and will be sure to pay it forward 
levelordSoftware Engineer a year ago
You want someone to refer you for a job you don't plan to take?
bigdogProduct Manager a year ago
I have not decided where I will work yet and want to be really intentional about my fit with the role. I think more options will help me find what I feel I am best suited for.

Additionally compensation is important to me at this stage in my career, and I think there are plenty of competitive options out there. I definitely understand where you are coming from though.