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Quit or stick?

Hello folks,

Advice needed, for the following situation

M27, for the past few years living and working in Europe, primarily in Spain and Portugal. Over the past five to six years, I have been working as a PM and have been with my current company for two years

Company 1 (current company)

B2B SaaS product, >50ppl, not remote option anymore

I am focused primarily on B2C features for the end users. Toxic culture, CPO lacks the qualification (but still she is a good person) and general product skills. It feels like the team is tired and even a bit burnt out but continues to operate since investors/board members are okay with the result and extended their investment so it would be enough for the next year or two to cover the teams' expenses.


  • Financial stability (investments have been secured for the next 1-2 years)
  • significance (overall, they love me as a person and as a professional)
  • technically can work not more than 3-4 hours per day


  • Tired team members who don't wanna perform
  • Recession-proof but narrow industry

Company 2 (got an offer couple of days ago)

Healthcare startup, >50 ppl, they sound like funny folks, have been on for 1 year on the market (already profitable), offered senior/head position to step in as a person who'll lead the product


  • 20% increase in base salary (which would result in an additional 1-2k per month)
  • Healthcare industry
  • Fully-remote


  • Uncertainty about how well I will perform as a lead or head of product
  • Possibility of only having 3-6 months to find a new opportunity if things do not work out.

Any advice on that? I would greatly appreciate any guidance you can provide. I am aware that I am feeling unfulfilled in my current position and am uncertain about what my next steps should be.

jinyung2Software Engineer a year ago
congrats on the offer! company 2 sounds great to me: profitable, impactful industry, pay bump, remote. seeing as though you already have an offer from them they see you as a good fit, might be more challenging but certainly sounds more rewarding.
avocadotoastProduct Manager a year ago
hey jinyung2, Thanks you read it all, good suggestions



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