Derek in  
Software Engineer 2 months ago

Does GPA Matter and more questions?

Hello, everyone I'm here writing because I've recently graduated high school and decided to kick off my software engineer path. Just have one problem I'm thinking of going the college route but my GPA sucks as I slacked off a lot in school and missed a lot of days but never failed any classes just average Cs with my GPA at only 2.6 i see it hard getting into a good college does the college I go to matter? do ABET Accredited universities really help? Can I do online classes? I will take the SAT soon hopefully improving my chances of acceptance anyways if you have any tips that would help a lot thanks for your time.

SoloLightSoftware Engineering Manager 2 months ago
GPA matters a lot for internships, but very little for an FTE position. If you don’t like your gpa, just don’t list it on your resume.

For software, nailing the technical interview is much more important. Make sure you are comfortable talking data structures and algorithms. Do some leetcode challenges up through the intermediate level to get your mind ready to solve problems in a coding challenge type interview.