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Software Engineering Manager a year ago

Certification I can take to transition to product management role from software test manager

What certifications and courses can I take to transition to a product role? I think I'd be pretty good with the product management role. 

Are software test managers treated any differently from dev managers for this? 
What level should I be trying to get in at? 
Aspirant2023Technical Program Manager a year ago
IMO, it will be definitely not easy transitioning into product from engineering for new external positions. Your best chance is to transition within the same org to gain some exp. The key difference is Engineering is internal and implementation focused and product management is vision and imagination. There are other things you need to be comfortable and experienced in topics, such as marketing, business planning, ROI, strategic theming, and roadmaps. These come with experience in the role and some study (there are several PG diplomas ranging from 12-24 weeks on the offer these days) can definitely help though it does not guarantee a break
19g618l2gwwp1wSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
Can you provide some examples of the kind of pg diploma that you are talking about?