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Computer Science a year ago

Apple Ai/Ml interview ML infra

Hello everyone,

I'd like to know how does an Apple interview process looks like how many stages are there? Especially AI/ML dept. I have my initial interview scheduled next week and would like to know what will it mainly focused on.

Thanks in advance✌️
swoopaplData Engineer a year ago
You will get system ml/design questions like: - Design a scheduler in Python - Design a ride-sharing application like Uber - What is LRU Cache? - How will you process 100,000 files across multiple servers on Hadoop?
addemonComputer Science at Stony Brook Universitya year ago
Thank you very much for your input

The first round is a live coding round on a platform, should I expect these questions, given I am a new grad. Asking Specifically for the upcoming coding round.

Thanks again…



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