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From PM to engineer

I want to transition from product management to engineering. Not only do I think my time as a pm would benefit my career as a dev but I am a very business minded and entrepreneurial person so I love to be efficient and just get things done. 

However I know that once on the other side the grass won't be greener.

As a pm I constantly feel like I'm always screwed over by stakeholders changing their mind, or engineering taking too long and not even delivering on requirements.

But once I'm a dev, I'm curious to know what can I expect one day from my future pm? What are the eng only calls like and what do they complain about?
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RyStoutSoftware Engineer  
Engineering has their own set of unique problems and they deal with bad PMs and Stakeholders all the time too. The biggest issue is non-technical people thinking they know the technical side of it. PMs and stakeholders ask for ridiculous things all the time and set unrealistic timelines and deadlines. But just like from a PM perspective, there are always going to be good teams and bad teams. It's more about the people you work with, rather than the job you're doing imo.