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Software Engineering Projects

Does anyone have some lists of projects or challenges that they found helpful on their self teaching journey?

I am a data analyst wanting to transition to software engineering. 
I have some ideas of my own of course but welcome to ideas beyond my own. I might find something that may be more exciting and engaging for my learning process. 

Right now im thinking whatever I build in Python to try to also build it in C# and Java 

The best project i have in mind right now is an app for fantasy football that automatically updates me on the status of the players on my roster and suggest alternates along with the spread for the game corresponding to each player 

Other project I have in mind is a no frills budgeting app 

Most of the jobs I see on here and LinkedIn jobs I’m not most qualified based on the desired skills listed (I know SQL and intermediate Python) so I have a great deal of work to do. 

Thanks for your suggestions