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Job Hunting is Scary

Hi everyone! I was laid off at Google and have since been looking for positions in the DMV area (Northern Virginia/ Washington DC). I think ive applied to almost 400 jobs since end of February but its been a hard/scary journey. 

After revising my resume a million times I'm starting to get more interviews now. Does anyone have any more tips and maybe know who might have referrals to some positions in the local DMV area? (I was a IT Support Engineer but can go into any support role and maybe sys admin).

Thank you so much and I wish the best of luck to everyone who might be going through the same thing.
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I’m just here to offer support. I’m going through the same thing. You might want to be more creative in your job title searches like Senior Business Analyst III. I’m seeing a lot of IT support roles actually high level Analyst roles. Geez you have Google on your resume and you are having a hard time. I’m sorry stay strong something will happen.
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Thank you so much for your support! At Google there was a unique name but I was told it wouldn’t get any hits and to use standard names :( I know so many amazing people who worked at great companies but can’t find a position either