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Software Engineer a year ago

Is OMSCS worth it?

I currently work for a large consulting company as a data scientist/engineer/SWE. I am a career changer that never had an undergrad CS degree but I have an MBA and did a data science bootcamp to get into my current role. I’ve been working in this role for about 3.5 years but have a lot of overall work experience previously. I already got into the Georgia Tech Online MS CS program and work will pay for it (it’s also only $7-9k for the degree). 

I am actually interested in the topics taught but I’m not sure if a masters is worth it in terms of time commitment. I’m in my early 40s with wife and young kid, house, etc. Work is kinda slow generally so i’d probably have some time during work hours to work on school most likely but I'm sure it would still require nights and weekends. 

My main goal of doing this is basically just to make more money. I currently make $140k. I see most roles at tech companies want CS degrees and this would kinda check that box . As I look more at the courses I’m sure I will learn a great deal but at the end of the day I think it’s mostly about the piece of paper. Wondering whether it’s worth doing or not.
IntrepidgrovyleData Scientist a year ago
If you want to be doing rigorous data science (ie not just pulling stuff on SQL and python) OMSCS is worth it. I have a BS in CS, and decided to go into the program, since virtually all of the roles I like prefer a master’s degree plus 2-3 years of experience. So while working and finishing this degree, I’ll graduate winter of 2024 with the degree and the experience. Most people who do the program do not regret it. It’s wildly popular for a reason. Plus you can’t beat the price. Also an NLP course is coming this year!
19g616l0y8aegfComputer Science a year ago
this sounds a little biased... you're taking this program, but you have not reaped those rewards yourself -- you can't personal attest to any of what you just said