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career transition from mechanical engineering to frontend development (later want to become a full stack developer)

Hey I am mechanical engineer and want to become a frontend developer.

Currently know front end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, React) and having a hard time finding entry level jobs.

Any suggestions or recommendations what I can do to get an entry level job, or even an unpaid internship to get my foot in?

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WaterySoftware Engineer  
I recently got my first tech job as a frontend developer about 4 months ago. I majored in health science and worked in sales right after I graduated, so I definitely didn't have any relevant technical experience going in. My advice would be to setup a nice portfolio website with at least 2 sophisticated projects along with a couple of other smaller ones. For smaller projects, Scrimba's free course on React contains a bunch of small projects where they give you Figma designs for the UX. A nice UX on your frontend projects can make you really stand out in front of recruiters. For larger projects, I'm describing any project that takes a solid 20-40 hours to complete. Next, whenever you submit a job application, find the relevant contacts for the company and send a connect invite with an attached message to ALL OF THEM. If it's a large company, it's safe to just find the HR contacts, since the hiring managers might not have the authority to bypass HR. But for smaller companies, definitely reach out directly to the hiring manager and the dev team members as well. Most won't respond, but the few that do will get your foot in the door. I kid you not, all of the interviews I secured were through connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn. I never expect to get a response from just submitting a job application alone, and you shouldn't either. With your persistence combined with your strong portfolio website, this signals to recruits and hiring managers that you're both proactive and eager to learn this industry, which is definitely a candidate worth interviewing. Best of luck!
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Great advice



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