ohforfoxsake in  
Software Engineer 2 months ago

Meta E5 on site interview: why?


I have a question and would appreciate your thoughts. I have an upcoming on-site interview with Meta for an infrastructure software engineering position at the E5 level.

However, I'm struggling to understand why Meta is considering me for this role. Despite holding a PhD in Electrical Engineering and having four years of experience in a hardware company, my background isn't directly related to infrastructure.

Even if I perform well in the interviews, given my lack of hands-on experience I doubt it that I get a team matching. What are your thoughts on this?

bringeeRecruiter 2 months ago
Meta interviews pretty generally and then uses the team matching phase process to ensure the best fit for a candidate/team. It's completely possible that they just like you or your profile and want to interview you to find you a good fit within Meta, even if it's not specifically in Infra. I wouldn't overthink it and I certainly wouldn't think you're underqualified. You got the interview, do as best as you can and let the cards fall where they will. Maybe their infra team isn't as infra too so they can hire someone with less direct experience there. Lots of different potential reasons
npr2345Data Scientist 2 months ago
And sometimes they don’t care you’re under qualified—but you’re very trainable.