santaTheMadSWE in  
Software Engineer 4 months ago

God complex in tech

Is it just me or are there quite a few God complex bearers around here who think their earnings make them more superior in society? Please bore someone else, no one is interested in your Narc Disorder, Darren. Not even your therapist, clearly.
Ekl90Software Engineer 4 months ago
Welcome to business. This is what all professions display. You can go from working in a hospital setting as a PhD, to working in Tech, or even any manual labor jobs. Every industry is going to have individuals that have a god complex. You have to accept that it's part of life and move on, or find an industry where you can simply work on your own. Consider freelance, however you will have different struggles when going that route.
santaTheMadSWESoftware Engineer 4 months ago
You can’t tell me what to accept.



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