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Software Engineer 2 months ago

Where to Apply After 1 YOE

Hi everyone I got my first full time role in tech last year and am looking elsewhere mainly for salary reasons. I have contract MERN front-end experience (3 years), full-time postgres, python (pandas, numpy), and django experience (1 year). I like that I have a fully remote 9 to 5 schedule that is flexible (I can take dog to vet during day etc) I just want to be making $100K+ TC. Where can I look/apply other then AngelList/Wellfound and linkedin. I am not interested in FAANG companies. I thought of looking into Home Depot etc. Thanks in advance!
madscienceSoftware Engineer 2 months ago
It's a tough market for entry level folks for sure, I'd recommend sticking to LinkedIn and Wellfound to help out, but Levels also has a job board which might help out. https://www.levels.fyi/jobs/ If you're looking for a 6 figure TC, you should be looking at bigger companies for sure. Maybe not quite FAANG level, but large public companies will be your best bet, incl home depot



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