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Software EngineerΒ 2 months ago

Apple ICT4 salary range in Hong Kong

About to discuss contract details tomorrow. I wonder what the salary range is in Hong Kong for Apple ICT4, cannot find it on levels.fyi

Current TC: US$80K
YoE: 5y

When asked about my salary expectations, I said at least US$102K. Given that my application is being proceeded, it must be within budget. Though I want to know if I am lowballing myself. I should still have a chance to negotiate higher pay. (No competing offer)

Note: Some might suspect whether I actually get an ICT4 offer with only 5yoe. Understandable, I cannot exclude the possibility that my application has been downgraded to ICT3. So it will be helpful to know about that salary range too.
madscienceSoftware EngineerΒ 2 months ago
That seems a bit low, I'd definitely try to negotiate higher. I would expect ICT4 at Apple in Hong Kong to land around US$150k+. I don't have direct data, but just extrapolating from the Levels.fyi data https://www.levels.fyi/companies/apple/salaries/software-engineer/levels/ict4?searchText=&sortOrder=ASC&sortBy=total_compensation



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