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Software Engineer a year ago

Even with all their success, Microsoft has laid off ~1,000 employees

Affected teams included Microsoft Edge and Xbox. With all their new announcements, I thought Microsoft was clear of needing to layoff people. But I guess even with all the new initiatives it doesn't hurt to trim size and be leaner. Sucks for the veterans being let go. Not a time of luxury to be working on special projects or research it seems.


Microsoft lays off nearly 1,000 people across the company. - The Verge

Microsoft lays off nearly 1,000 people across the company. - The Verge

A week after Microsoft announced new hardware and big moves in the VR and AR space it’s reportedly laid off nearly 1,000 people across the company, including on the Xbox and Edge teams. Also affected was the MSMT division, which is focused on developing next gen tech.

kc31k0Data Scientist a year ago
Well, they are in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard for a record nearly $70 billion so cuts in gaming is no surprise now that I think about it. Still unfortunate because the market is not great right now and it's the worst time of year for hiring.
rologt20Backend Software Engineer at Microsofta year ago
Timing is perfect for them as you would expect. No one is safe, even at "rock solid" companies like Msft. They will replace you at a moments notice for the sake of the business and the investors. More ppl are starting to realize that nothing is secure, even in tech. Keep your options open and send applications out every month if you can.