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Cyber Security at Western Governors Universitya year ago

Transitioning to Cybersecurity

So I'm currently a student getting my bachelors degree in cybersecurity, and after working as a personal trainer for the last 7 years. I already have my A+, Net + and about to take my Sec + certification through compTIA. I was wondering, outside of certifications and me completing my degree, what advice anyone has that can help me land an entry level role in cybersecurity? Currently also doing some tryhackme work, and using TCM security's ethical hacking course as other learning material to gain some more skill. 
LuckyBoiSales Engineer a year ago
Are you open to moving and open to starting in a SOC? Generally I've found security positions while they like certs, they love experience more. My career got started by running towards an urban city center (Northern Virginia) and through the sheer demand of the security center got hired starting out in a SOC. I had 4 years of IT administration at the time and was selected over several other candidates who were more qualified (they had more certificates I had none) this occured because the hiring managers want the experience and are willing to work with you to meet and additional certs they need you to have.

My personal opinon is see if Verizons or AT&Ts SOCs are hiring. (One in VA, the other in SC)
Cyberpunk16Cyber Security at Western Governors Universitya year ago
I definitely don’t have anything against working in a SOC, I would work as a SOC Analyst no problem. I’m currently in New York City and I’m sure I can probably find some here with open positions but am open to other areas. It’s that experience thing that really seems to frustrates me the most because that’s what I’ve been told in the past. Experience over education. It kind of just feels like “oh man I have this education for me to still not even be considered because of lack of experience”. So I’ve also been looking at internships just to gain some experience.