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i believe the metaverse will have a huge impact on society

I know Meta is down bad right now but I remain hopeful. I think there's a lot of promise in it and wanted to know what you think metaverse will impact society, good, bad, anything in between? I think there's real promise in this despite how bleak it looks right now...

For developers for example, value can be defined by the economics- subscriptions or memberships, deals or partnerships, and micro-transactions between users. I think the metaverse will open up a whole new way for people and the brands they love to interact in meaningful ways, assuming brands care about their customers of course. The idea of having a brand interact with you outside of what we see today like snarky tweets from a social media manager replying to your meme or some storytelling blog post is profound.

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Zuck is too hellbent on selling VR. The microsoft "partnership" seems like its reaching. Just admit you were wrong and invest in AR. No one is giving up their celly in the next 15 years.