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Top 7 Common Product Manager Mistakes

Avoid these things as a product manager:

  1. Altering the scope of the sprint all the time
  2. Preferring to deliver lengthy documents but not talk to the team
  3. Never crediting the team after a successful sprint
  4. Wearing false charm when you need devs to work overtime
  5. Claiming that a gap in the spec was too obvious to mention
  6. Being a "yes-man" to the manager and a grouch to the team
  7. Someone who trivializes changes to tickets devs are already working on

Credit: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/aatirar_productmanagement-activity-6986173382392238080-JTIB

Aatir Abdul Rauf on LinkedIn: #productmanagement

Aatir Abdul Rauf on LinkedIn: #productmanagement

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A lot of middle management dont know how to give credit when credit is due because they fear for their own jobs when they see star perfrmers.



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