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Software Engineering ManagerΒ a year ago

What was a major inflection point in your career?

For me, I had a few, one was simply graduating with a CS degree. Being one of the first in my family to ever graduate with a real degree really put me into a go-and-get-it mindset. Anything was possible. Shortly after working as a software engineer for a few years, I transitioned to an engineering manager role which forever changed and shaped my career. Super grateful for the learning, and how it influenced my relationship with people. Previously as an IC, I was completely oblivious to people's feelings and was very tunnel visioned around my own needs. The EM role was a completely different, sometimes, thankless job, but it taught me so much about human nature, how to keep a team moving forward, how to shield people from unnecessary interruptions etc. Most rewarding experience I've had the privilege of serving in my life so far.

Curious what other folks moments were – I find it inspiring to hear about other peoples inflection points in life.

HankHill9SalesΒ a year ago
Having my first child during the pandemic and then losing my job has been uh... interesting. I bounced from freelance gig to freelance gig to make ends meet for 2 years. My daughter just turned 2 and to think we've made it this far despite all the ups and downs just reassures me that I am capable of anything. My wife has been the most supportive human ever and I've learned that when life throws you one of the biggest lemons in human history, you have to be resourceful and make lemonade, lemon tarts, pound cake, and anything else you can.