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Software Engineer a year ago

Mercedes-Benz issues €7,300 profit-sharing bonus to all employees

Mercedes-Benz announced that all their employees will be getting a record high profit sharing bonus as a part of their new strategy. Amongst all the layoff news, this comes as a nice piece of news.

Profit sharing seems like a good model for businesses. Private equity is just locked up for so long, you don't reap the performance rewards of the company. Profit sharing similarly aligns incentives between employees and the company, but with more tangible benefit and reward. It especially would make sense now for businesses making a lot of money, but not looking to raise additional capital.

17d5er3khje4fhSoftware Engineer a year ago
I believe it's up to €7,300, not €7,300 for every single person per se. Feels like there's a lesson in here on managing expectations. Google's not always going to give you an increase, in fact they may even just decide to lay you off one day. But if you expect nothing, and one day your company decided to give you an extra bonus, you'll be happy no matter what