qwertyCoder in  
Software Engineer 4 months ago

How do you use ChatGPT at work / home?

Curious how often and actually how you're using ChatGPT or some AI like CodePilot in your work / home?

I surveyed a few friends in different careers:

  • Medical Student / Resident - Using it to prepare for board exams as a study companion. Very helpful for recalling certain concepts or thinking through patient cases.
  • Medical Doctor - Uses it to think through cases. Note some parts are not fully accurate but he understands this and still finds it valuable.
  • Chemical Engineer - Drafting emails, reports, etc. Speeds up his workflow in coming up with proposals
  • Marketer - Uses to ideate copy and campaigns. Also uses it to prepare recipes to cook at home that meet his dietary restrictions.

I'm impressed how much of my network is using GPT in their daily workflows. This definitely feels like a historical event unfolding in the progress of humanity. So... how are you or people you know using it?

mountainsOdataSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
I use it for getting answers to the kind of “I should know how to do this but I’m blanking” questions instead of going to stack overflow/documentation. For anything beyond trivial problems it’s been pretty useless in my experience.
TBirdSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
So much for us being replaced anytime soon huh?