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Backend Software Engineer a year ago

Parental Leave

For these companies that offer several months of parental leave, what’s your strategy?

At my last company, for my first child, I had three months and I spread it out over the course of the year, so I would do one month off, two months on. So each quarter I was only away for one month of the quarter.

I realize that it’s time that the company gives you, and it really shouldn’t be a concern, but I do feel like it’s a double-edged sword. Being away for huge chunks of time detracts from your relevance and impact on the team and can feel like you’re out of sight, out of mind. Conversely, context-switching and thrashing being away versus back from parental leave seems like it could be disruptive as well.
Oe198NYff47Software Engineer a year ago
This is a tough one and I think it'll depend on your company culture. I just left my last startup for a new startup (a little bigger) because the parental leave and benefits were better. TMI- my new company pays for certain treatments I need for family planning which my other company did not. I could tell from the beginning they had a much more family friendly culture. I would suggest talking to HR first to know what the actual policy is and then seeing what other parents have done so you have something to negotiate your time with your supervisor.