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How to land a FT contract during hiring freeze

I have worked with amazon for about two years now, first I did an internship and right after I transitioned into a part-time contract for students(20hrs/week). I like the work I'm doing and now that I am graduating I would like to get a full time contract. However as we have the hiring freeze still going, it's a hard thing to achieve. Does anyone have an advice how I could "convince" them? 
I would say my achievements are quite outrageous and that I get as much done as a regular full-time employee on a part time week already. 
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Convincing them will be super tough, so I'd just consider that expectation up front. Headcount and budgets go through so many different teams there that you'll need a super strong justification as well as leadership approval to get a contract opened up for you. That said, here are some tips which may help the case. Amazon's data-oriented, obviously, so if you can back up the justification with data, that could go a long way. Saying that you get as much done as a full time employee in half the time isn't going to cut it. You'll need to showcase the projects you've worked on, how they've helped or affected your team/business line, and convince them that letting you go could actually hurt them. I would also make sure to start collecting Kudos (if they still do that) or any other praise you've gotten from people about your work. Another consideration I just thought of as well is that Amazon has contract timeline restrictions, so your max contract length I think can only be a year and after that, they have a rule against hiring you back on a contract for like 6 months or something. Not 100% on the dates, but I know there is a process for it. You might be able to find that info on Inside.
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This is very helpful! Kudos is still a thing though not widely used anymore but for my purposes it should be a good thing to consider. I will try to gather some measurements before I ask my manager to go to management with it. Thanks a lot!