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Software Engineer 2 months ago

Remote development job with near zero meetings

I am currently a "tech lead" at a company where I go to meetings, a lot of them, about +5 meetings a day. I plan to change my lifestyle and one of the primary goals will be to reduce the number of meetings or skip them altogether.

Suggestions for companies (startup or otherwise) are welcomed. I have no idea how or where to find these companies.

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maverick233Software Engineering Manager 2 months ago
Some ideas:

- No agenda == no meeting
- Keep stand-ups to 15 mins or less. It's meant to share context with teammates and resolve dependencies or issues, not as a status update.
- If a team isn't clear on why a meeting exists or it isn't valuable, that's a sign it should be either cancelled, made asynchronous or rethought in some way.
- Retrospectives are important but MUST end with ideas for improvement and action items to try next iteration that will make the team more effective. An issue with too many low-value meetings should definitely be part of a discussion with the team and next steps to change it. Making it part of a retro discussion makes it a team discussion, not just one or two squeaky wheels. Chances are you're not the only one who sees it as a problem.
ASKW2018Project Manager 2 months ago
Sounds like someone needs a PM/Scrum master. You should be focused on dev work not status updates.