gwrq248u31n in  
Full-Stack Software Engineer a year ago

How do you guys talk about your weaknesses during interviews?

I think I just screwed an interview up because they asked me to talk about my weaknesses and I froze.

I told them I lack of confidence and have trouble working with people who are opinionated. 😣

I did tell them how I'm working on it. I signed up to be a tutor at the library in my neighborhood. I told them I'm building my confidence by starting off with kids learning how to code. I figure if I can handle that, I can work my way up to the more vocal people I encounter at work.

luig0Computer Science a year ago
Focus on skills, not character traits: I don't have a lot of experience with SQL and one of the reasons that I'm interested in this role is that I'd have an opportunity to work with it in a professional context. I haven't had a lot of experience working in large engineering organizations and gaining that exposure is one of the things that attracted me to this role. I'm interested in growing as a leader and I understand that in this role, I'd have the opportunity to mentor junior engineers.
NetworkingHamsterComputer Science a year ago
I agree, I think when you focus on character traits rather than skill it can be construed more negative than you mean to. Some behavior interviews like to see if you are a good personality fit.