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5 months ago

Resume Review Request - SWE Intern (Spring 2024 Grad)

Hey everyone, currently a SWE Intern at an edtech company. I came here to get absolutely smoked by knowledgeable vets and hopefully come away with some improvements to make. Feel free to rip it apart.

I'm beginning to nail-down my dream new grad role to be Data Engineer, so I am now working on a juicy DE-heavy project, alongside my current full-stack (mainly FE) webdev internship, to put on my resume soon. I'd be happy with cloud or software engineer as well.

Tried to quantify as much impact as possible, def worried it comes across as bullshitty.

TC: $75k (based on hourly $34/hr + bonuses) #help #student #resume #review #edtech #fintech #engineering #software #swe #2024 #grad #new #newgrad

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bringeeRecruiter 5 months ago
This is a solid resume so far! You definitely have the right idea going. Some suggestions I'd make: - Move your education section to the bottom, it's not so important you need to have it front and center. The assumption is that you will have graduated and then if a recruiter ever needs to confirm it, they can just look for it at the bottom. You'll want the real estate to showcase your skills section and professional experience. - Font size is a little small and it feels pretty wordy. This is more of a personal preference, but I'd consider playing around to see if you can reduce some of the wording and make it a little less word-blocky. Recruiters only spend like 5-10 seconds looking at a resume before deciding if it's worth reading fully and your current one makes it a little difficult to discern the most important info.
FrothyMonk5 months ago
thanks so much for giving it a review! I've moved education to the bottom To your second point - Where would you look to take content out to reduce the wordiness? Just be more concise per-bullet, or perhaps remove one of the projects?