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Web Developerย a year ago

Confusing times to do interviews

Hiring practices are insane right now. I have talked to 9 people in this last company which took 4 weeks, I passed all of them and still no offer. They were supposed to let me know by the end of this week, but here we are. The company before that just disappeared so I assume they cancelled the position, but perhaps there was no position to begin with. I have another one lined up, a bay area company which wants to pay 100k for my 10 YoE. They have 8 rounds of interviews including 3 coding sessions all for a SWE.

I'm not sure if companies are hiring at all. It looks like a hiring practice (or malpractice) with no intention of hiring. What has been your experience?

c323uKnr2yubSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Job market is extremely tight right now. Companies large and small are in a holding pattern. So much anxiety and with the holidays coming up in the US, there isn't any rush.