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Management Consultant 2 years ago

Is getting an MBA worth it?

Dependinf on you career path, im starting to think ita more vanity cred than actual value add to any team, especially when mba candidates get preferred over non mba grads.
WdY4kC4OXzgn7fKeP8Solution Architect 2 years ago
Depends on your goals and what you want to do. We all have dreams, goals, visions, missions... how many of us actually will achieve them in our lifetime? I have a friend who is a hypnotist. He said to me the other day that 7/10 of his clients know what they need to do. And he can assess this within 10 minutes of the first session. But there are barriers - they aren't taking action. So a person comes to him. These 7/10 need some kind of "ritual" to pass through, and that's the gateway to enact the change they know they need to do. So his job becomes to provide them the ritual. He pulls out all the stops and puts on the show. He puts them into a trace, leads them through an induction, etc. etc. and the ritual is done. The person goes on to enact the change. When they stumble, or come across the next roadblock, they come back for more "unblocking." You might call it placebo, or power of suggestion - but either way - it works. It delivers the results. I bring up this example because I think for many people, attaining the MBA is the ritual they need. It's the gateway. It's gives them permission. They pay up the big fees, and then something happens psychologically in terms of commitment to the goals, visions and dreams. So - if you're someone who wants to coast through life, I don't think you need it. But if you want to make big change in the world, and aren't, or you feel unfulfilled in your life - then maybe the MBA is the gateway. Note: there could be other gateways. For example, most world religions have some kind of pilgrimage ritual as part of the core tenets of faith. Why? Recognition that these rituals help a person unlock/unblock the parts of themselves which they know are there, but are dormant. Another example: a friend of mine lost his father a few years ago. After that "gateway" event, he became a completely different person. In his words to me he said, "I'm not afraid of failure anymore." He went from being a regular dude, now he has a consulting firm and charges $500/hr. Thoughts?
NdiuOwiyrbkxiManagement Consultant 2 years ago
This was incredibly profound. Wow. Thank you for this. I had to sit with this after you posted and this is what I've come up with. This perspective resonates. I think a lot of people who I've met in consulting used their program to "break-into the field" even though they were already working in whatever industry they are in now, just not at a Big 4 firm or something. When we all get together, there's this "damn, we made it" feeling. Idk if thats from the ritual you're speaking of (I don't have an mba) or just life generally being a clusterfk these days and moments like those dinners with good friends and business partners are few and far between unfortunately lol