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Software Engineerย 2 months ago

Software developer

Hi guys I'm working in mechanical engineering industry and want to switch to software engineer profile in a product based company.. what should I do?
golferdude56Product Managerย 2 months ago
Hey there! Not sure what software engineer experience you have already, but I'm going to assume little to none for my response. In that case, I would start by using online learning programs (e.g. PluralSight) to start coding. These are great tools to get you started on basics and even progress through advances topics. Make sure to keep all the projects you do in these courses on your personal GitHub account. This way you can show your apps when applying for jobs. Once you get some experience under your belt, I would reccommend studying up on common Software Engineer interview questions (data structures and algorithms, etc) and start applying for jobs. Good luck!
legitinfo5037Software Engineerย 2 months ago
Is it late to change field for me,?