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Software Engineer at Amazona year ago

Why Amazon is the best?

Why I returned to Amazon

Why I returned to Amazon

Reasons I came back to Amazon after working at a startup, and why I chose that over other big tech companies.

72Hdnu2KNSoftware Engineer at Amazona year ago
Great post and I'm happy you/him has had such a positive experience. But there's always another side to tell and the company has high attrition because of the cutthroat culture. Last year, 50 vice presidents left the company, and some divisions have reported a over 30% turnover rate. Then, we throw more base compensation and employee stock grants to handcuff people. Think it's important to share more of the whole story, but that said, I love my team and there are always opportunities to work on interesting problems. Amazon isn't going anywhere which is a good feeling.
el8Software Engineering Manager a year ago
I think part of the L10 turnover is that there’s very little space to go from there. Externally, they’re easily C-Suite in even midsize companies.

Turnover is high because the culture is not for everyone. It can be brutal if you’re not a high performer, and everyone will happily admit there is no desire to keep even middling performers around. Indeed, if you’re not HV3+ during OLRs, Amazon can be a tough place to be both with expectations and comp.