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Layoffs or strategic workforce replacement?

Layoffs have litered tech for the past few months, but there's something interesting going on. I actually doubt that these cuts are actually happening because of "we realized we have to make cuts for the operational efficiency of the business". Rather I'm quite sure these companies are just moving these jobs and broader organizations overseas to cheaper locations. 

I think what we're witnessing is a great shift and transfer in engineering talent from the US to other parts of the world. Particularly India and Europe. I've noticed this with a lot of companies including Rippling, Microsoft, and Google where US departments are now being handed over to India and roles are slowly being cut over time from the US, while hiring increases overseas. Brand new departments are being spearheaded overseas with lots of open headcount and hiring. This may be the beginning early stages of a sweeping movement that could unseat the US for technical talent. 

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Forget offshoring. That was the game they were playing 10 years ago. This isn't about shifting resources, this is about shareholder pressure because layoffs cut operational expense on the balance sheets, a move towards AI (in rhetoric, even if they can't execute on it) and much larger this is the five families got together and decided that employees had too much market power in determining compensation and moving to competitors if they didn't get their way.

Look at the new landscape. Wages have been suppressed in nearly every category and sector, few companies are actually hiring with any urgency or in volume, and even job descriptions being posted have fewer benefits, lower comp and of course many are demanding RTO.

This was about a large group of highly paid assholes who needed a political reason to put employees back under the boot of employers; a situation that had been completely reversed by the pandemic. Now not only are they saving cash, and failing to be punished for mass layoffs, their stock prices are rewarding them while many qualified individuals can't even find work. It's price fixing, for hiring and compensation in the most severe way.
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You nailed it! 👏👏