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Which stack to rotate into?

I'm in a 3 year rotational program and rotating into year 2. My experience is in full stack web dev, my last rotation was closer to IT but I missed dev work so I'm aiming to rotate back into that. I've got a few good roles and I think I'd be happy working in any of them, and I'd get experience with new techs in any of them, so the question I have is which of these roles would be more valuable in terms of how in demand and lucrative knowledge of their technologies is? All teams are agile dev teams.

Roles 1 and 2 are both React frontends with AWS backends. Role 1 is using C# in the backend and 2 is using Apollo/GraphQL with JS.

Role 3 is also React frontend but with a python backend using Tableau for data analytics.

Role 4 is React once again but with a Springboot backend.

Role 5 is Angular with Python backend.

Any of these roles would give me experience across the stack and involve CI/CD as well. I know the underlying languages for each of these backends but not their specific tech as my main backend experience is in Express/Node and SQL/MongoDB.

So for applications and my career moving forward, which roles should I rank highest? Which stack would be most valuable for me to have on my resume? Feel free to vote multiple times for ties.

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