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Computer Engineering at Dartmouth Collegea year ago

Advice for this summer

I am a Junior studying computer engineering, and I don't know what I'm doing this summer.

I have applied to quite a few computer engineering internships (~50) and I have not even gotten any interviews. I am beginning to feel stressed about what I am going to do for the summer. Should I keep trying for internships or try to do research with a professor at my school and do a non-technical job on the side? I feel like I am qualified for many of the positions I am applying for, but never make it past the resume review.

I have talked to my career development office, but they just recommend cold messaging people on LinkedIn, which just feels so fake to me.

Any advice?

konpekiTechnical Program Manager a year ago
I'd maybe take a look at your resume and see if there's anything there that could me improved a bit to showcase more of your skills. Otherwise, I agree that LinkedIn messages can feel fake, but I don't think most people will interpret it that way. You'll get left on read a lot, but you only really need to connect with 1 or 2 people for it all to be worth it. Most people love helping other people out, so I say definitely keep trying!



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