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BA rates in PNW?

Annual review coming up. What are typical FTE rates for BA's in the PNW? They currently pay me $40.80/hr... $90k TC Salaried after some bene's. They recently increased my bill rate from $90ish, to $112 at the start of new project. 

Context: I know I'm a big fish the small pond of Alaska (as in certified, educated, competitive, smart, good worker, NCAA background). 4 YOE directly related to role, 10 YOE working. PMP®️, M.Sc PjM, CSM, beginner coding skills in FE, SQL, Python, early Azure & Okta certs,  more. They bill our PM's @ $159 & SWE's @ $157.  But it's a B or C-team company. Also, they paid my full salary while on bench for 1 month recently; would that play into their side of negotiations, or is that a normal expectation these days? 

Also, in light conversation, they mentioned that when 40-hr/wk Salaried FTE's work over 40-hrs consistently, they might recieve additional monthly comp on discretionary basis, probably at a 50% rate, i.e. work 60hrs, paid for 50hrs, IF it's NOT just a one-off extenuating circumstance. Is that normal? How could that play into negotiations? I'm used to being paid at least 100% for overtime hrs worked, as an ex-hourly contractor, elsewhere. 
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