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Did I get Ghosted?

I recently interviewed with a somewhat large company for a Software Engineering position. I had an initial call with a recruiter, which went well. Then I had an online 90-minute technical assessment, which I passed. Then for the last stage in their interview process, I did a virtual on-site, which took about 4 hours. I believe that all of the interviews in the on-site went very well but it has been over a week now, and I have not heard back from them.

Is it common for a company to take this long to get back to you about the results of an on-site interview?

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madscienceSoftware Engineer  
Yeah, it's super common, especially if it's at a larger company. It's tough to get everyone's schedules together to meet and debrief on the interview, so if your interview panel is all super busy, it'll take longer for them to be able to meet and talk out the decision. Your best bet would be to poke the recruiter and just say like "Hey, thanks for setting up the interview the other week, I had a great experience meeting with everyone on the team. I just wanted to reach out and check in to see if any decision has been made."
19g616l0l4hoxoSoftware Engineer  
Thank you! I poked the recruiter a couple days ago, saying mostly what you recommended. Still waiting for a response.

This gives me some peace of mind for now!



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