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Product Designerย a year ago

Fresher Roles?

TLDR: Looking for Product/UX Designer roles (In India) (would need VISA Sponsorship in other countries).


While there has been alot of layoffs and recession periods yet some companies are hiring designer that too LEAD/Sr/Principal or Designer 2/3... for doing what a Junior/Fresher Designer CAN do.

Are there any Fresher Designer roles on the market? Why exactly is a Fresher seen as a walking red flag? If the COST to Train/Mentor is a factor which companies run away from doesn't it state alot about the company?

dtra9000Product Designerย a year ago
I don't know of any specific open roles, but yeah it can show a lot about a company if they aren't willing to mentor/train. That said, I wouldn't suggest leading any conversation with the need to be trained. Definitely try to work on your skills and portfolio to show you have a strong foundation and be confident in your approach, that may help



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