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Full-Stack Software Engineer a year ago

SDE1 to SDE2 promotion salary negotiation?

I am a Software Development Engineer 1 (SDE) at a big tech company with about 5 years of experience outside of the company and 1 year at the company. I am being promoted to an SDE 2, but the specifics of the salary have not been discussed, yet. What tactics or strategies would you use to get a higher salary than what is presented?

RayKurzweilSoftware Engineer at Googlea year ago
We can't answer this without knowing your company. It's specific to company.

At Google, anyway, if you tried to start negotiating, as your manager, I would be pretty surprised and have to have an awkward "That's not how this works" conversation with you.

But maybe there are other companies where this is normal.
kappacoderSoftware Engineer a year ago
So you’re saying at G the offered salary is the only available salary to that applicant?



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