TimCook in  
4 months ago

Can I work remote from Europe?

Hi, I Work for a fintech company in the US, and I am currently working remotely. My girlfriend lives in Europe, and I was thinking of working remotely there. I don't think my manager will agree if I have a big reason to move to Europe. Let's say if my girlfriend were my wife, then that would be a different scenario, but yes, for now, I want to stay with her as much as I can. I am on post-OPT, and as per the tax rules, I can stay out of the US for six months, so what are my options? Should I work from Europe? I work in the cyber security field in a fintech company. 
jinjinSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
Companies are held to data export laws, so you might wanna look out for that kind of thing.
Iphone14p4 months ago
Can you explain it in detail? I want to work from Europe but not for more than 20 days, I would say. Is it still a problem?