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undertoneΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 6 months ago

Doesn't "turning up the heat" at Meta achieve the opposite of the desired outcome?

Was reading this morning about how Mark Zuckerberg felt that the organization was becoming soft (which I agree with btw). But I feel like "turning up the heat" sends a message to the strongest employees to look for better opportunities elsewhere since they have the highest leverage. While those without as much agency will stick around and consider themselves lucky to even have a job.

The best employees will land offers in their inbox tomorrow, potentially even with higher comp. Thoughts on if they're incentivized to stick around even then?

v4poJMncklmN2Software EngineerΒ 6 months ago
Idk if thats how it works. My thinking was the opposite. The message was to reassure those who are high performers that things will get better since they wont be carrying the dead weight of the people who are chilling.