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Quality Assurance (QA) Software Engineer a year ago

Need advice for switch from QA to SDE

I am an Associate Quality Engineer in my current company, and my CTC is ₹6,00,000 (~$7400). I want to switch from QA to SDE role, and get into good Product Company. I joined the company 6 months ago (on-campus offer) but haven't learned anything interesting, just filling up excel sheets and switching multiple screens to check if DDL is correct or not!!

I am from not so good college so didn't had much exposure about what to do to get a good job. I know almost intermediate level DSA and have some knowledge on web development.

Please advice me on how to achieve my aim in switching this role. What all skills to acquire and include in resume? And resources to follow.


indychris70Software Engineer a year ago
If you don’t think it is possible to transition to SDE at your current company then it is probably better to look at finding a different QA role that has more opportunities for internal career growth first, and then look to move to SDE. Changing companies and roles in one step is most likely going to be tough.

Especially if you don’t feel like you can have an honest conversation with your manager about you career goals and ask for more challenging work that will help you achieve them, it might be better to move to a better company or at least a better manager as soon as you can.
sidewinderQuality Assurance (QA) Software Engineer a year ago
I have told this to my team lead and reporting manager, they said they will look into it, since I joined recently. But chances are thin here. So I'm also preparing for interviews parallelly. But dont have good projects to showcase. Can you suggest some? Thanks



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